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Sponsor Inspiresleep.com

Parent Company:

Inspire Medical Systems, Inc.


Inspire, Sleep Apnea Innovation, No mask, No hose

*Sponsors approve program content. They have no excuses.

Last Two Weeks Stats
06/03/24 to 06/16/24


Total times the ad was run:       1

Total time in seconds:                0

*Sponsor segments are not timed.

Want to do more than Bulk Emails?


Call them, write them a letter, fill in a form on their website.
Be loud, be proud. We are morally right.

In order to change their minds, we need to contact them as often and we can, and in as many forms that we have time for.

Overall Message:

We can not feel good about purchasing their products until they move their ads off of the corrupt and biased national evening news programs on  ABC, NBC and CBS.

ANY other time slot will do. Just as long as they are not supporting these three programs with their advertising dollars.


Contact them by Phone:

One of the most powerful forms of communication is by phone.

Call them, tell them you will no longer purchase their products because they advertise on ABC, NBC, and CBS evening news.

They can fix this simply by moving their ads somewhere else.



Contact them by Snail Mail:

Post card projects have impact!

They will not ignore personal mail the same way they ignore Emails.

Send them a letter or a postcard.

Simply write:

I am looking for alternatives to Inspire Medical Systems, Inc.‘s products because you ran ads on the biased and corrupt Mainstream Media between 06/03/24 and 06/03/24.

Mailing Address

Company:   Inspire Medical Systems, Inc.


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City, St  Zip:  ,    



Here is the Website and contact information for the products and parent companies.

Parent Website:  Web Site

Contact page:  Contact form

Product Website:  Web Site


Social Media Connections:

Companies spend a lot of time and money on their social media images. We will have a ton of impact contacting them via these methods with our petitions.

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Contact them by Email:

Most companies have an email address open for public input.

To:     info@inspiresleep.com,CorporateSecretary@inspiresleep.com,PR@InspireSleep.com

Click this link and send them an email.

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