The One Step Plan to Stop Media Bias NOW!

The Plan:

Get the Advertisers to stop running ads on the biased news programs.

Traditional boycotts aren’t working! Why? Because not watching the news doesn’t affect the Programs bottom line! The programs get their money from running ads during their program time slots. The reason Advertisers run ads is to sell their products and to show their products in a favorable light. When the Advertisers quit running ads during these programs the networks will have to find other ways to fund their propaganda.

Did you know that every time you purchase a product from one of these companies on our lists that a small chunk of your own money goes to supporting Fake News, and helps keep these corrupt and biased news programs on the air?


Convince the advertisers to stop running ads that support Fake News programs!

Our plan is simple, flood the advertisers with polite but firm negative comments from their customers telling them that when they run ads supporting Biased and Fake News, that we are thinking poorly of their products and Companies.  Remember that Advertisers have two goals when advertising, to sell and to get people to like their products and think favorably of their company.

What do I need to do?

Send Emails and Tweets every two weeks!

At first the Advertisers will resist, but when they get enough emails and tweets from us they will realize that they are loosing more money by advertising on News programs than they could ever get with their advertising. They will spend their advertising dollars on other programs and other time slots.

When the Media loses its funding, it will have to rethink its use of Bias by Omission which creates Fake News and the propaganda we see on the nightly news. .

How do I know the plan will work?

It has worked in the past!

  • Bill O’Reilly was thrown off Fox News after he lost support from his advertisers.
  • Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and NOW Judge Jeanine are currently facing attacks from the left.
  • After losing 90+% of their advertisers due to letter campaign, Al Jazeera was taken off the air in the United States. (Even Qatar couldn’t afford to pay for their propaganda without ad support)

Why not ABC, NBC, & CBS and not CNN and MSNBC?

Everybody hates CNN & MSNBC.

I get it, I hate them too. CNN & MSNBC are the worst of the worst. But they are NOT the biggest. ABC, NBC, & CBS are the BROADCAST GIANTS, the viewership on CNN & MSNBC pales in comparison to the Big Three. This is a one man show, and I have limited time. The time it takes to record and tabulate the data is the same. So let me ask you this…

If you had one rock and you were David facing Goliath. would you fling that stone at the little guy standing next to Goliath, or would you take your best shot at Goliath?

I am taking our best shot at Goliath…. I hope you agree…

This is an unfair battle, Conservatives are at the disadvantage. But with fortitude, and persistence and sending out enough emails to the advertisers we will Stop Media Bias Now.




Step 1      Send emails

Use our voices to get the Advertisers to stop running ads on Fake News programs. Send them petitions asking them to remove their ads.

There is no Step Two!

Repeat Step 1!

We are going to send petitions out to the advertisers every two weeks until they stop supporting the fake news programs. The more people that send petitions the faster we will have an impact.

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Send out the Emails!


Start Date End Date
06/03/24 06/16/24
Total Dollars $64,740,000
Number of Sponsors 8
Number of Advertisers 108
Total Products 164
# ABC Ads 190
# NBC Ads 171
# CBS Ads 209
Total Ads 570
Total Seconds 16,185
Total Dollars $64,740,000