Message to Christians

by | Sep 8, 2018

I was walking by a TV the morning after the Las Vegas shooting, the ABC morning news show was on and something the announcer said caught my attention. The announcer said “Our thoughts go out to the victims of ….”  One word stopped me in my tracks, surely, she meant to say our ‘prayers’ goes out to the victims. Or at least our thoughts and prayers.  So I listened a little more and sure enough she repeated the same phrase. “Our thoughts go out to the victims and their family and friends.  This was not a mistake, once you hear something like that you can’t unhear it. Then I noticed the same thing on other channels, as if they were scrubbing God from their programming.

Have you noticed a bias in the news these days? I see examples every day. Do you feel that Christians and their causes are getting fair and equal treatment? Whether it is abortion or gay rights the MEDIA ignores all good things about Christianity while simultaneously ignoring all bad things about the opposing views. What I am describing here is Bias by Omission.

Every Christian movement faces a head wind created by the Main Stream Medias use of Bias by Omission. This is not only unjust and harmful to Christians, it is harmful to the Nation, our Constitution, and our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. It is a form of evil.

Christians, indeed all Americans deserve unbiased fact-based news, and we should settle for nothing less. The MEDIA’s use of Bias by Omission creates a form of propaganda or as President Trump calls it, Fake News.

We see this bias as a form of corruption and injustice but don’t know what to do or don’t think that we can do anything. But we are wrong. This site has a plan that when followed will Stop Media Bias Now. We are using our peer pressure to stop the funding of these corrupt programs. Without funding, they will have to change their ways or pay for the propaganda themselves.

The Moral Majority can stay silent no more. As Christians we feel compelled to do the right thing and help others when wronged.

We can do something about the MEDIA’s use of bias by omission. And it will not take long or a lot of your time.

Please consider joining and united, we can stop the MEDIA’s use of Bias by Omission.

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