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Disclaimer: It is just as important to voice your disappointment in the company than to actually boycott their products. Make sure these manufacturers understand that you are considering using other products that do not support ABC, NBC, and CBS.  If you are taking or using any of the products on the boycott lists for health reasons or to improve the value of your life, please do not boycott those products. Always consult your Doctor before making a decision on Health issues.

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The CBS Advertisers list below contains products and services that purchased advertising time on:

  • CBS Evening News with Nora O’Donnel (6:00-6:30 pm, PST).

* List contains advertisers for the last two weeks.

CBS Advertisers List:   05/13/23 – 05/26/23

CBSProductDescriptionTot SecQtyCompanyStop Contact Page
1Ashley HomestoreAshley Homestore and furniture25517Ashley Home Stores, Ltd.Contact Page 16
2VABYSMOVABYSMO, Wet AMD and DME treatment2404GenentechContact Page 9
3YoutubeYouTube online video services1959GoogleContact Page 15
4Dupixent InjectionDupixent Injection for Asthma, Exzema1803Sanofi-Aventis U.S. LLC.Contact Page 8
5EntyvioCrohn's and Ulcerative Colitis medication1803TakedaContact Page 10
6XIAFLEXXIAFLEX, Peyronie's disease treatement1803Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc.Contact Page 33
7SimpliSafeHome Security Systems, Wireless Alarms1506SimpliSafe Inc.Contact Page 19
8GetRefunds.comGet Refunds for Keeping employees during Covid1505Innovation Refunds LLCContact Page 46
9Fidelity Investment ServicesFidelity Green line Investment Help1355Fidelity InvestmentsContact Page 21
10Aleve, Aleve PMPain Relief Medicine1208Bayer HealthCare LLCContact Page 61
11Prevnar 20Pneumococcal pneumonia injection medication1202PfizerContact Page 32
12ULTOMIRISULTOMIRIS, Intravascular hemolysis, blood clost fatigue medication1202Alexion PharmaceuticalsContact Page 25
13BioFREEZEBioFreeze, pain relief roll on906Reckitt BenckiserContact Page 66
14PurinaPurina Pro Plan Dog and Cat Foods, Friskies Cat Food906PurinaContact Page 81
15SalonPasPain Relief patches906Hisamitsu America, IncContact Page 48
16CoxCox Cable Services903Cox Communications, Inc.Contact Page 13
17Herbal EssencesHerbal Essences, shampoos for har903Procter & GambleContact Page 69
18KnowPneumonia.comKnow Pneumococcal pneumonia903PfizerContact Page 35
19Mossy Car DealershipsMossy Nissan, Toyotal, Ford, VW, Fiat, Honda, Scion, Infiniti903Mossy Automotive GroupContact Page 47
20RAD Power BikesRAD Power Bikes903Rad Power Bikes Inc.Contact Page 74
21STIHLChainsaws, blowers, power equipment903Stihl IncorporatedContact Page 75
22FasenraFASENRA sever eosinophilic asthma treatment902AstraZenecaContact Page 54
23Apple IphoneApple Iphone Products902Apple Inc.Contact Page 18
24KEYTRUDA,(pembrolizumab)KEYTRUDA,(pembrolizumab), skin cancer treatment901MERCKContact Page 27
25MounjaroType 2 Diabetes drug901Eli LillyContact Page 22
26Angies ListFormerly Angies List755Angi Inc.Contact Page 62
27Lor CoffeeL'OR Coffee machines and coffee753L'OR CoffeeContact Page 49
28ProgressiveCar Insurance753ProgressiveContact Page 38
29Indeed.comjob, employment website604IndeedContact Page 50
30NERVIVENerve Relief tablets604Procter & GambleContact Page 86
31PantenePantene, Hair Care Products604Procter & GambleContact Page 107
32zevozevo bug sprays604Procter & GambleContact Page 87
33ADT Security SystemsADT, Home Security and Alarm systems603ADTContact Page 60
34Consumer CellularCell phone service provider602Consumer CellularContact Page 34
35D & H Heating and AirD & H Heating and Air602D & H Air Conditioning & HeatingContact Page 93
36Head and Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo602Procter & GambleContact Page 94
37NovoNordiskgreats.comNovo Nordisk feel good campaign602Novo NordiskContact Page 58
38Prudential InsuranceRetirement, Investment, Insurance602Prudential FinancialContact Page 98
39ToyotaToyota Cars and Trucks602ToyotaContact Page 102
40EVENITYEvenity, Osteoporosis after menopause injection601AmgenContact Page 29
41Farxigatype 2 Diabetes Pills601AstraZenecaContact Page 30
42JardianceType 2 Diabetes Medicine601Boehringer IngelheimContact Page 23
43KISQALIKisqali fibociclib tablests for metastatic breast cancer601Novartis Pharmaceuticals CorporationContact Page 88
44OpzeluraOpzelura (ruxolitinib) Eczema cream601Incyte Corporation.Contact Page 31
45RYBELSUSRYBELSUS, Type 2 Diabetes medicine601Novo NordiskContact Page 11
46TruSmile Dental Implant CenterTruSmile Dental Implant Center601TruSmile Dental Implant CenterContact Page 43
47VraylarVraylar Capsules, for Bipolar 1 disorder. 601AllerganContact Page 52
48VYVGARTGeneralized Myasthaenia Gravis601argenxContact Page 17
49XeljanzRheumatoid Arthritis Medicine601PfizerContact Page 53
50EnsureEnsure, Original, Active, Plus, Complete, Protein Drinks453Abbott LaboratoriesContact Page 64
51NeutrogenaNeutrogena skin products453Johnson & JohnsonContact Page 80
52PUREzzzsZzzQuil PURE Zzzs, Meelatonin Tablets453Procter & GambleContact Page 119
53CascadeCascade Complete Auto Dishwasher soap452Procter & GambleContact Page 83
54CIBINQOCIBINQO tablets for eczema451PfizerContact Page 40
55800 Quit Now1-800-Quit-Now, Quit Smoking counselling 302U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesContact Page 20
56AllegraAllegra and Allegra-D Antihistamines302Chattem, Inc.Contact Page 114
57EgglandsEggLands Best Eggs302Eggland's Best, LLCContact Page 115
58GOLO for LifeGOLO for Life weight loss system302GOLO LLC.Under Construction
59Nature's BountyProbiotics, Vitamins, nutritional supplements302The Nature's Bounty Co.Contact Page 116
60TheRealReal.comOnline luxury resale website302The RealReal, Inc.Under Construction
61AllState InsuranceAllState, You're in good hands301Allstate Insurance CompanyContact Page 120
62America's Finest CarpetAmerica's Finest Carpet Stores301America's Finest Carpet CompanyContact Page 121
63Ancestry.comDNA testing for tracing one ancestry301Ancestry Inc.Contact Page 82
64Axonics TherapyImplant for bladder control & rentention issues301Axionics, Inc.Contact Page 122
65BatteriesPlus+Batteries Plus - battery source 301Batteries Plus LLC.Contact Page 123
66BuickBuick Cars, SUVs and Trucks301General MotorsContact Page 92 online pet food and products301Chewy, Inc.Contact Page 78
68DawnDawn Dishwashing liquid301Procter & GambleContact Page 127
69Fisher InvestmentsFisher Investments, Money Management301Fisher InvestmentsContact Page 130, Pet food301FreshpetContact Page 85
71Inspiresleep.comInspire, Sleep Apnea Innovation, No mask, No hose301Inspire Medical Systems, Inc.Contact Page 70
72Meta ProductsAlign, Meta Mucil, Meta Biotic, Meta Health Bar301Procter & GambleContact Page 96
73PreserVisionPreserVision, AREDS 2, Age Related Macular Degeneration301Bausch & Lomb Inc.Contact Page 71
74PrevagenPrevagen, Memory Capsules301Quincy BioscienceContact Page 36
75Reid Park ZooReid Park Zoo, Tucson301Reid Park ZooContact Page 138
76Royal Automotive GroupRoyal Automotive Group Tucson301Royal Automotive GroupContact Page 139
77RSV and Me WebsiteRespiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Drug pusher301GSKContact Page 140
78Sam LevitzSam Levitz Furniture301Sam Levitz FurnitureUnder Construction
79Sharp Health CareSharp Health Care Groups301Sharp HealthcareContact Page 41
80ViatorViator, Trip planning website301Viator, Inc.Under Construction
81AspercremeApercreme Pain Relieving crème151Chattem, Inc.Under Construction
82CrestCrest teeth cleaning products151Procter & GambleUnder Construction
83Dog Chow dog foodPurina Pro Plan Dog and Cat Foods, Friskies Cat Food151PurinaUnder Construction
84DulcolaxOvernight Laxative Tablets151Boehringer IngelheimUnder Construction
85Glucerna ShakesDiabetes Diet Supplement151Abbott LaboratoriesUnder Construction
86Gold BondGold Bond Healing Hand Cream151Chattem, Inc.Under Construction
871800GotJunk1 800 Got Junk, junk removal service151RBDS Rubbish Boys Disposal Service IncUnder Construction
88La Mesa RVLa Mesa RV centers151La Mesa RV Center, Inc.Contact Page 51
89Liberty MutualLiberty Mutual, Auto, Home, Life Insurance151Liberty Mutual GroupContact Page 39
90ListerineListerine, mouth wash, chew tabs, breath151Johnson & JohnsonUnder Construction
91Pepcid ACPepcid AC 151McNeil Consumer Pharmaceuticals CompanyContact Page 117
92Pepto BismolPepto-Bismol Stomach trouble medicine151Procter & GambleUnder Construction
93PolestarPolestar Electric Cars151Polestar Automotive Holding UK PLCContact Page 118
94Prilosec OTCHeart Burn medication151Procter & GambleUnder Construction
95Primatene MistPrimatene Mist Asthma inhaler151Amphastar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Under Construction
96Red Lobster ResturantsRed Lobster Resturants151Red Lobster Hospitality LLC.Under Construction
97Sea BondDenture Adhesive Seals151Combe IncUnder Construction
98SecretSecret Deoderants151Procter & GambleContact Page 108
99Stanley SteamerCarpet Cleaner151Stanley SteamerUnder Construction
100TylenolTylenol Cold & Flu Severe pills151Johnson & JohnsonUnder Construction
101Vicks VapoRUB FamilyVicks, VapoRub, VapoCool,VapoPatch, VapoCream, VapoDrops151Procter & GambleUnder Construction
102ZZZQuilSleep Aid, non habit forming151Procter & GambleUnder Construction
103Sponsor PrudentialRetirement, Investment, Insurance02Prudential FinancialContact Page 2
104Sponsor Ancestry.comDNA testing for tracing one ancestry01Ancestry Inc.Contact Page 1
105Sponsor AngiFormerly Angies List01Angi Inc.Contact Page 3
106Sponsor Ashley HomestoreAshley Homestore and furniture01Ashley Home Stores, Ltd.Contact Page 4
107Sponsor FasenraFASENRA sever eosinophilic asthma treatment01AstraZenecaContact Page 5
108Sponsor GetRefunds.comGet Refunds for Keeping employees during Covid01Innovation Refunds LLCContact Page 6

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This is a count of the number of unique ads run.
The number of times that Ad was run.
Total number of Seconds that the ad was run (indicates how much money the Company has paid to the TV Station.
The product that was advertised. (Boycott this product)
What the product does.