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Disclaimer: It is just as important to voice your disappointment in the company than to actually boycott their products. Make sure these manufacturers understand that you are considering using other products that do not support ABC, NBC, and CBS.  If you are taking or using any of the products on the boycott lists for health reasons or to improve the value of your life, please do not boycott those products. Always consult your Doctor before making a decision on Health issues.

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The CBS Advertisers list below contains products and services that purchased advertising time on:

  • CBS Evening News with Nora O’Donnel (6:00-6:30 pm, PST).

* List contains advertisers for the last two weeks.

CBS Advertisers List:   02/10/24 – 02/23/24

CBSProductDescriptionTot SecQtyCompanyStop Contact Page
1CAMZYOSCardiac myosin Inhibitor, for obstructive HCM (Hypertrophic CardioMyopathy)3604Bristol-Myers Squibb CompanyContact Page 11
2BREZTRIBREZTRI COPD Flare-up protection2705AstraZenecaContact Page 9
3Dupixent InjectionDupixent Injection for Asthma, Exzema2104Sanofi-Aventis U.S. LLC.Contact Page 8
4WeatherTechWeather Tech custom car floor mats1806MacNeil Automotive Products LimitedContact Page 10
5FasenraFASENRA sever eosinophilic asthma treatment1805AstraZenecaContact Page 14
6AustedoAustedo, tablets, For Uncontrollable movements, TD1803Teva Neuroscience Inc.Contact Page 12
7KerendiaKerendia (finerenone) tablets, T2D kidney failure1803Bayer AGContact Page 23
8VraylarVraylar Capsules, for Bipolar 1 disorder. 1803AllerganContact Page 16
9PrevagenPrevagen, Memory Capsules1505Quincy BioscienceContact Page 19
10United Health Care InsuranceAARP Medicare supplemental insurance1204United HealthCare Services, Inc.Contact Page 41
11JardianceType 2 Diabetes Medicine1202Boehringer IngelheimContact Page 13
12ULTOMIRISULTOMIRIS, Intravascular hemolysis, blood clost fatigue medication1202Alexion PharmaceuticalsContact Page 25
13Ashley HomestoreAshley Homestore and furniture1057Ashley Home Stores, Ltd.Contact Page 28
14800 Quit Now1-800-Quit-Now, Quit Smoking counselling 906U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesContact Page 22
15LumifyLumify Eye Drops906Bausch & Lomb Inc.Contact Page 38
16Nurtec ODTNurtec ODT, migrane tablet903Biohaven Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Contact Page 34
17EntyvioCrohn's and Ulcerative Colitis medication902TakedaContact Page 49
18Farxigatype 2 Diabetes Pills902AstraZenecaContact Page 33
19KEYTRUDA,(pembrolizumab)KEYTRUDA,(pembrolizumab), skin cancer treatment901MERCKContact Page 17
20ADT Security SystemsADT, Home Security and Alarm systems754ADTContact Page 37
21Consumer CellularCell phone service provider753Consumer CellularContact Page 20
22Aleve, Aleve PMPain Relief Medicine604Bayer HealthCare LLCContact Page 86
23CarFax.comCar Fax Online cars, and car history reports604CARFAX Inc.Contact Page 88
24Swiffer Wet JetSwiffer Wet Jet, all in one mopping solution603Procter & GambleContact Page 61
25CascadeCascade Complete Auto Dishwasher soap602Procter & GambleContact Page 74
26Herbal EssencesHerbal Essences, shampoos for har602Procter & GambleContact Page 78
27Inspiresleep.comInspire, Sleep Apnea Innovation, No mask, No hose602Inspire Medical Systems, Inc.Contact Page 52
28Palomar HealthPalomar Health and May Clinic602Palomar HealthContact Page 81
29ProgressiveCar Insurance602ProgressiveContact Page 30
30QULIPTAQULIPTA Migraine tablets602AbbVie Inc.Contact Page 54
31Anderson WindowsRenewal by Anderson window replacements602Anderson WindowsContact Page 82
32SKYRIZISKYRIZI, Plaque Psoriasis 602AbbVie Inc.Contact Page 27
33XiidraXiidra, dry eye drops602Novartis Pharmaceuticals CorporationContact Page 31
34DovatoDovato, NIV Medicine601ViiV HealthcareContact Page 66
35OZEMPICOzempic semaglutide injection, type 2 diabeties601Novo NordiskContact Page 29
36Prevnar 20Pneumococcal pneumonia injection medication601PfizerContact Page 24
37RINVOQRINVOQ, rheumatoid arthritis drug601AbbVie Inc.Contact Page 15
38Bayer ProductsBayer Aspirin, Bayer Back, Bayer Pro (Omega 3)453Bayer HealthCare LLCContact Page 98
39Beggin Dog treatsBeggin real meat pet treats 453PurinaContact Page 99
40Liberty MutualLiberty Mutual, Auto, Home, Life Insurance453Liberty Mutual GroupContact Page 21
41NERVIVENerve Relief tablets453Procter & GambleContact Page 105
42Red Lobster ResturantsRed Lobster Resturants453Red Lobster Hospitality LLC.Contact Page 56
43XYZAL Allegy 24hrXYZAL, 24 hr allergy pills.453Chattem, Inc.Contact Page 91
44Always DiscreetBladder Pads452Procter & GambleContact Page 84
45FebrezeFebreze Air Fresheners452Procter & GambleContact Page 95
46GilletteGillette, Shaving Products452Procter & GambleContact Page 96
47XIAFLEXXIAFLEX, Peyronie's disease treatement452Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc.Contact Page 60
48PfizerPfizer products, Advil, Chantix, Lyrica and more452PfizerContact Page 40
49Tremfya (guselkumab)Tremfya, for plaque psoriasis451JanssenContact Page 93
50BioTrueHydration for contacts302Bausch & Lomb Inc.Contact Page 62
51DawnDawn Dishwashing liquid302Procter & GambleContact Page 85
52Depend UnderwearDepend bladder protection underwear302Kimberly-Clark brandsContact Page 133
53DulcolaxOvernight Laxative Tablets302Boehringer IngelheimContact Page 136
54EnsureEnsure, Original, Active, Plus, Complete, Protein Drinks302Abbott LaboratoriesContact Page 39
55ListerineListerine, mouth wash, chew tabs, breath302Johnson & JohnsonContact Page 104
56MucinexExpectorant and Cough Suppressant302Reckitt BenckiserContact Page 64
57SalonPasPain Relief patches302Hisamitsu America, IncContact Page 57
58VerizonVerizon Wireless, Cell Phones, Network302VerizonContact Page 46
59Vicks VapoRUB FamilyVicks, VapoRub, VapoCool,VapoPatch, VapoCream, VapoDrops302Procter & GambleContact Page 90
6072 Sold Realtor72 Sold Realtor30172SOLDContact Page 108
61Meta ProductsAlign Probiotic supplement301Procter & GambleContact Page 109
62AllState InsuranceAllState, You're in good hands301Allstate Insurance CompanyContact Page 45
63Ancestry.comDNA testing for tracing one ancestry301Ancestry Inc.Contact Page 73
64Appliance AlleyAppliance Alley San Diego301Appliance AlleyContact Page 110
65AREXVYProtection against RSV301GSKContact Page 18
66ChevroletChevrolet Cars and Trucks301General MotorsContact Page 51
67ColesColes Fine Flooring, Carpet, hard wood flooring301Coles Fine FlooringContact Page 113
68CoxCox Cable Services301Cox Communications, Inc.Contact Page 115
69EGO Power ToolsEGO Power tools301EGO Power+Contact Page 117
70EntrestoHeart Failure Medicine 301Novartis Pharmaceuticals CorporationContact Page 118
71FORD Cars and ServicesFORD Vehicles, cars and trucks301Ford Motor CompanyContact Page 119
72HCMrealtalk.comHypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)301Bristol-Myers Squibb CompanyContact Page 77
73Ibuysd.comGG Homes. I Buy SD homebuyer301GG HomesContact Page 79
74Mr. CleanMr. Clean Magic eraser301Procter & GambleContact Page 122
75PreserVisionPreserVision, AREDS 2, Age Related Macular Degeneration301Bausch & Lomb Inc.Contact Page 53
76Sycuan CasinoSycuan Casino, Wheel of Fortune game301Sycuan CasinoContact Page 126
77ToyotaToyota Cars and Trucks301ToyotaContact Page 128
78America's Finest CarpetAmerica's Finest Carpet Stores151America's Finest Carpet CompanyContact Page 149
79Axonics TherapyImplant for bladder control & rentention issues151Axionics, Inc.Contact Page 151
80The Barnes FirmThe Barnes Firm, Injury Attorneys151The Barnes FirmContact Page 152
81BounceBounce, dryer sheets and fabric care products151Procter & GambleContact Page 154
82PurinaPurina Pro Plan Dog and Cat Foods, Friskies Cat Food151PurinaContact Page 131 online pet food and products151Chewy, Inc.Contact Page 100
84ClaritinClaritin, Claritin-D, Clarispray Allery and Congestion relief151Bayer HealthCare LLCContact Page 101
85CrestCrest teeth cleaning products151Procter & GambleContact Page 132
86DelsymAll night Cough medicine151Reckitt BenckiserContact Page 155
87Dog Chow dog foodDog Chow, Purina dog food151PurinaContact Page 134
88EgglandsEggLands Best Eggs151Eggland's Best, LLCContact Page 102
89FindAHandSpecialist.comXaiflex, for Dupuytren's contracture151Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc.Contact Page 156
90Glucerna ShakesDiabetes Diet Supplement151Abbott LaboratoriesContact Page 158
91Gold BondGold Bond Healing Hand Cream151Chattem, Inc.Contact Page 159
92La Mesa RVLa Mesa RV centers151La Mesa RV Center, Inc.Contact Page 138
93Meta ProductsAlign, Meta Mucil, Meta Biotic, Meta Health Bar151Procter & GambleContact Page 140
94neurivaNeuriva, suppliments for the brain151SchiffContact Page 142
95NeutrogenaNeutrogena skin products151Johnson & JohnsonContact Page 143
96NyquilCold and Flu night time medicine151Procter & GambleContact Page 144
97OlayOlay Skin moisturizer 151Procter & GambleContact Page 160
98Pepto BismolPepto-Bismol Stomach trouble medicine151Procter & GambleContact Page 161
99Vicks SinexVicks Sinex, nasal sinus relief medicine 151Procter & GambleContact Page 165
100TideTide Laundry Detergent, New Tide Pods151Procter & GambleContact Page 147
101TylenolTylenol Cold & Flu Severe pills151Johnson & JohnsonContact Page 107
102UnstopablesDowny UNStopables In Wash Scent Boosters151Procter & GambleContact Page 166
103ZZZQuilSleep Aid, non habit forming151Procter & GambleContact Page 148
104Sponsor Ancestry.comDNA testing for tracing one ancestry01Ancestry Inc.Contact Page 2
105Sponsor Ashley HomestoreAshley Homestore and furniture01Ashley Home Stores, Ltd.Contact Page 3
106Sponsor Bristol-Myers Squibb CompanySponsor Bristol-Myers Squibb Company01Bristol-Myers Squibb CompanyContact Page 4
107Sponsor ProgressiveCar Insurance01ProgressiveContact Page 6

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The number of times that Ad was run.
Total number of Seconds that the ad was run (indicates how much money the Company has paid to the TV Station.
The product that was advertised. (Boycott this product)
What the product does.