Boycott these companies and products:

If we purchase a product from a company that runs an ad on the Mainstream Media then a small chunk of our money goes to funding the fake news on that program…

We have got to stop supporting the companies that betray our values by running ads on the Mainstream Media. Avoid purchasing products from the companies on our lists.

Even more important is to tell those companies why you are avoiding their products. To do this please send out the email blasts here.

ABC World News with David Muir
6:30-7:00 PST

NBC Nightly News w/ Lester Holt
5:30-6:00 PST

CBS Evening News w/ Norah O’Donnell
6:00-6:30 PST

Between 02/25/23 – 03/10/23

Total Revenues  $66,480,000 **
Total Advertisements  577
Total Sponsors  7

* *  Assuming $60,000/15 second ad

Total Advertisers  115
Total Seconds   16,620
Total Products  173

ABC, NBC, & CBS Advertisers Lists

Compiled Sponsors List:    02/25/23 – 03/10/23

Avoid purchasing these products:

CompProductQtyCompanyLink to contact page
1Sponsor United Health Care Insurance2United HealthCare Services, Inc.Contact Page 1
2Sponsor VYVGART2argenxContact Page 2
3Sponsor Aleve1Bayer HealthCare LLCContact Page 3
4Sponsor Ashley Homestore1Ashley Home Stores, Ltd.Contact Page 4
5Sponsor Horizon Therapeutics1Horizon Therapeutics plcContact Page 5
6Sponsor SOTYKTU1Bristol-Myers Squibb CompanyContact Page 6
7Sponsor TEZSPIRE1AstraZenecaContact Page 7

Compiled Advertisers List:    02/25/23 – 03/10/23

Avoid purchasing these products:

CompProductTot SecQtyCompanyLink to contact page
8Farxiga66011AstraZenecaContact Page 8
9KnowPlanGo.com60010PfizerContact Page 9
10Kerendia4808Bayer AGContact Page 10
11SOTYKTU4808Bristol-Myers Squibb CompanyContact Page 11
12OZEMPIC3606Novo NordiskContact Page 12
13WeatherTech36012MacNeil Automotive Products LimitedContact Page 13
14RINVOQ3005AbbVie Inc.Contact Page 14
15VYVGART3005argenxContact Page 15
16Consumer Cellular30011Consumer CellularContact Page 16
17TruSmile Dental Implant Center2857TruSmile Dental Implant CenterContact Page 17
18Fidelity Investment Services28514Fidelity InvestmentsContact Page 18
19KEYTRUDA,(pembrolizumab)2703MERCKContact Page 19
20Cox2709Cox Communications, Inc.Contact Page 20
21Progressive2559ProgressiveContact Page 21
22Jardiance2404Boehringer IngelheimContact Page 22
23KISQALI2404Novartis Pharmaceuticals CorporationContact Page 23
24Prevagen2408Quincy BioscienceContact Page 24
25Mounjaro2253Eli LillyContact Page 25
26Tremfya (guselkumab)2106JanssenContact Page 26
27BREZTRI2107AstraZenecaContact Page 27
28Wayfair.com2107Wayfair LLCContact Page 28
29Ashley Homestore21014Ashley Home Stores, Ltd.Contact Page 29
307 Eleven19577-Eleven Inc.Contact Page 30
31Liberty Mutual19510Liberty Mutual GroupContact Page 31
32Paxlovid1802PfizerContact Page 32
33EVENITY1803AmgenContact Page 33
34Eliquis1804Bristol-Myers Squibb CompanyContact Page 34
35Entresto1804Novartis Pharmaceuticals CorporationContact Page 35
36Stelara1804JanssenContact Page 36
37Jeromes1806Jeromes FurnitureContact Page 37
38QULIPTA1806AbbVie Inc.Contact Page 38
39Verzenio abemacicilib1653Eli LillyContact Page 39
40Ensure16511Abbott LaboratoriesContact Page 40
41FORD Cars and Services1505Ford Motor CompanyContact Page 41
42GOLO for Life15010GOLO LLC.Contact Page 42
43Kaiser Permanente1355Kaiser PermanenteContact Page 43
44800 Quit Now1358U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesContact Page 44
45ADT Security Systems1358ADTContact Page 45
46Claritin1359Bayer HealthCare LLCContact Page 46
47Gardasil 91202MERCKContact Page 47
48Dupixent Injection1203Sanofi-Aventis U.S. LLC.Contact Page 48
49Cadillac1204General MotorsContact Page 49
50NoTimeToWait.com1204Bristol-Myers Squibb CompanyContact Page 50
51chewy.com1206Chewy, Inc.Contact Page 51
52Indeed.com1208IndeedContact Page 52
53Febreze1054Procter & GambleContact Page 53
54XIAFLEX1054Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc.Contact Page 54
55Swiffer Wet Jet1054Procter & GambleContact Page 55
56QUVIVIQ901Idorsia Pharmaceuticals LtdContact Page 56
57Ocean View Medical Clinic902Ocean View Medical ClinicContact Page 57
58SHINGRIX902gskContact Page 58
59Super Beets902Human Power of N Co.Contact Page 59
60Xiidra902Novartis Pharmaceuticals CorporationContact Page 60
61America's Finest Carpet903America's Finest Carpet CompanyContact Page 61
62Empower Retirement903Empower RetirementContact Page 62
63Fisher Investments903Fisher InvestmentsContact Page 63
64PreserVision903Bausch & Lomb Inc.Contact Page 64
65SOLARTECH903Solar Tech Energy Systems, Inc.Contact Page 65
66Stanley Steamer903Stanley SteamerContact Page 66
67United Health Care Insurance904United HealthCare Services, Inc.Contact Page 67
68Lumify906Bausch & Lomb Inc.Contact Page 68
69SalonPas906Hisamitsu America, IncContact Page 69
70Nature Made Vitamins753Pharmavite LLC.Contact Page 70
71GetRefunds.com754Innovation Refunds LLCContact Page 71
72Panda Express754Panda Restaurant Group, Inc.Contact Page 72
73Aleve, Aleve PM755Bayer HealthCare LLCContact Page 73
74ASTEPRO755Bayer HealthCare LLCContact Page 74
75Bank Of America755Bank of AmericaContact Page 75
76Egglands755Eggland's Best, LLCContact Page 76
77Nature's Bounty755The Nature's Bounty Co.Contact Page 77
78One a Day Vitamins755Bayer HealthCare LLCContact Page 78
79AAA601Automobile Club of AmericaContact Page 79
80Billy Graham Ministries601Billy Graham Evangelistic AssociationContact Page 80
81CABENUVA601ViiV HealthcareContact Page 81
82Charles Payne's Master Class601Unspoppable ProsperityContact Page 82
83CIBINQO601PfizerContact Page 83
84Kesimpta601Novartis Pharmaceuticals CorporationContact Page 84
85SKYRIZI601AbbVie Inc.Contact Page 85
86UCSD Medical Center601UC San Diego Health SystemContact Page 86
87AARP602AARPContact Page 87
88AllState Insurance602Allstate Insurance CompanyContact Page 88
89Ancestry.com602Ancestry Inc.Contact Page 89
90Bob's Discount Furniture602Bob's Discount FurnitureContact Page 90
91ColoGuard602Exact Sciences CorporationContact Page 91
92Dawn602Procter & GambleContact Page 92
93FindAHandSpecialist.com602Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc.Contact Page 93
94Get Real About Diabetes602Novo NordiskContact Page 94
95Good Feet Arch support602Dr.'s Own, Inc.Contact Page 95
96Inspiresleep.com602Inspire Medical Systems, Inc.Contact Page 96
97Leaf Filter602LeafFilter North, LLCContact Page 97
98Meta Products602Procter & GambleContact Page 98
99Prudential Insurance602Prudential FinancialContact Page 99
100TEZSPIRE602AstraZenecaContact Page 100
101UBRELVY602AbbVie Inc.Contact Page 101
102Boost604NestleContact Page 102
103McDonald's Restaurants604McDonald's CorporationContact Page 103
104NERVIVE604Procter & GambleContact Page 104
105New Chapter 604New Chapter, Inc.Contact Page 105
106Bathfitter.com452Bath FitterContact Page 106
107Cascade452Procter & GambleContact Page 107
108GMC452General MotorsContact Page 108
109Precision Garage Door Service452Precision Garage Service San DiegoContact Page 109
110TreatTed452Horizon Therapeutics plcContact Page 110
111Angies List453Angi Inc.Contact Page 111
112Listerine453Johnson & JohnsonContact Page 112
113Pfizer453PfizerContact Page 113
114Red Lobster Resturants453Red Lobster Hospitality LLC.Contact Page 114
115Voltaren453gskContact Page 115
116Meta Products301Procter & GambleContact Page 116
117American Cruise Lines301American Cruise LinesContact Page 117
118Appliance Alley301Appliance AlleyContact Page 118
119aveeno301Johnson & JohnsonContact Page 119
120Baker Electric Solor301Baker ElectricContact Page 120
121Best Foods 301UnileverContact Page 121
122Bounty301Procter & GambleContact Page 122
123Chase301JP Morgan ChaseContact Page 123
124Chevrolet301General MotorsContact Page 124
125Cosentyx301Novartis Pharmaceuticals CorporationContact Page 125
126Downy301Procter & GambleContact Page 126
127etsy.com301Etsy Inc.Contact Page 127
128Floor & Décor301Floor & DécorContact Page 128
129Funner California301Harrah's Resort SoCalContact Page 129
130Geico Car Insurance301GeicoContact Page 130
131Gillette301Procter & GambleContact Page 131
132J.P. Morgan & Chase Co.301JP Morgan ChaseContact Page 132
133KardiaMobile301AliveCorContact Page 133
134Mission Federal Credit Union301Mission Federal Credit UnionContact Page 134
135MOR301Mor Furniture for less Inc.Contact Page 135
136Mossy Car Dealerships301Mossy Automotive GroupContact Page 136
137Mr. Clean301Procter & GambleContact Page 137
138Rawlins Law301Rawlins Law APCContact Page 138
139San Diego Foundation301San Diego FoundationContact Page 139
140Sycuan Casino301Sycuan CasinoContact Page 140
141The Window Depot301The Window DepotUnder Construction
142Toyota301ToyotaUnder Construction
143Vicks VapoRUB Family301Procter & GambleUnder Construction
144Ameriprise302Ameriprise Financial Inc.Under Construction
145CarFax.com302CARFAX Inc.Under Construction
146Dayquil302Procter & GambleUnder Construction
147Kia of El Cajon302Kia of El CajonUnder Construction
148Flonase302GSKUnder Construction
149Freshpet.com302FreshpetUnder Construction
150Jurewitz law Group302Jurewitz Law GroupUnder Construction
151Gomez Trial Attorneys302Gomez Trial AttorneysUnder Construction
152Mucinex302Reckitt BenckiserUnder Construction
153Parodontax Toothpaste302gskUnder Construction
154Pepto Bismol302Procter & GambleUnder Construction
155Purina302PurinaUnder Construction
156Robitussin302PfizerUnder Construction
157STIHL302Stihl IncorporatedUnder Construction
158TheRealReal.com302The RealReal, Inc.Under Construction
159Tylenol302Johnson & JohnsonUnder Construction
160XYZAL Allegy 24hr302Chattem, Inc.Under Construction
161BioFREEZE151Reckitt BenckiserUnder Construction
162Carls Jr.151Carl's Jr. Restaurants LLCUnder Construction
163ChapStick151PfizerUnder Construction
164Coles151Coles Fine FlooringUnder Construction
165Depend Underwear151Kimberly-Clark brandsUnder Construction
166Dulcolax151Boehringer IngelheimUnder Construction
167Hyundai of El Cajon151Hyundai of El CajonUnder Construction
168EGO Power Tools151EGO Power+Under Construction
169Glucerna Shakes151Abbott LaboratoriesUnder Construction
170Gold Bond151Chattem, Inc.Under Construction
171Knix151Knix Wear, Inc.Under Construction
172Lactaid151Johnson & JohnsonUnder Construction
173Marrokal Design 151Marrokal Design & Remondeling LLC.Under Construction
174Miralax, Mira FIBER151Bayer HealthCare LLCUnder Construction
175neuriva151SchiffUnder Construction
176Neutrogena151Johnson & JohnsonUnder Construction
177Nyquil151Procter & GambleUnder Construction
178Osteo Bi-Flex151The Nature's Bounty Co.Under Construction
179Pantene151Procter & GambleUnder Construction
180Pepcid AC151McNeil Consumer Pharmaceuticals CompanyUnder Construction
181Pronamel 151GSKUnder Construction
182Re-Bath151ReBath LLC.Under Construction
183Sea Bond151Combe IncUnder Construction
184SeaWorld151SeaworldUnder Construction
185Secret151Procter & GambleUnder Construction
186Tide151Procter & GambleUnder Construction
187Two Men and a Truck151The ServiceMaster Company, LLC.Under Construction
188Zyrtec151Johnson & JohnsonUnder Construction

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Disclaimer: It is just as important to voice your disappointment in the company than to actually boycott their products. Make sure these manufacturers understand that you are considering using other products that do not support ABC, NBC, and CBS.  If you are taking or using any of the products on the boycott lists for health reasons or to improve the value of your life, please do not boycott those products. Always consult your Doctor before making a decision on Health issues.

  • Political ads are not being tracked

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# Column:
This is a count of the number of unique ads run.
The number of times that Ad was run.
Total number of Seconds that the ad was run (indicates how much money the Company has paid to the TV Station.
The product that was advertised. (Boycott this product)
What the product does.