Who are we?

We are Americans who recognize that the mainstream media is corrupt, biased and no better than Pravda or the State controlled media in China. They have broken their promise to the American People to report the news without bias and dropped all pretense of journalistic integrity. They use their position of power and influence to mislead the American people and to get them to accept whatever the deep state wants you to believe.

The mainstream Media has become the American way of life’s public enemy #1.

We Realize:

#1: The media will not change until it is made to pay for their sins.
#2: The media is funded by companies that run ads on their corrupt news programs.
#3: When we purchase a product from one of those companies our money is being used to fund Public Enemy #1.

#4: If we do nothing America is lost as we know it.

Mission Statement:

To give the American Public a fast, easy, and effective way to hold the media accountable and make them pay for their sins.
To give the American People an easy way to send petitions to the Companies that fund the mainstream media and politely tell them we will not purchase their products until they stop funding the MSM.

About Mad: aka StopMediaBiasNow.com

All Glory Goes To God!

This site is produced and maintained by one person who is Mad As Hell and ain’t gonna take it anymore. I choose to stay as anonymous as possible because this is not about me. I do not want fame, notoriety, or money, this is about saving America from the powers that would turn her into a communist State. 

This is about saving America, and you are the only one that can do it.  So take action NOW!  Send out the Emails… Stop Purchasing products from the companies that fund the MSM. 

The site was conceptualized way back in 2008 during the Bush bashing years of the Main Stream Media. I procrastinated through 2012 and  Main Stream Media bias only got worse.

The first draft of the website (MadAsHellBoycott.com) went online in 2012, with the original idea that all members had to do was sign up to the boycott and I could go to the advertisers on your behalf. That method just got MadAsHellBoycott,com on a bunch of spam lists and it got harder and harder for me to contact the advertisers and easier and easier for them to ignore me. 

What I learned from that experience is that they can shadow ban and ignore one person or entity, but they CAN NOT ignore all of us.

United We Stand and the only way to change the mainstream medias behavior is to make them pay for their sins. And the only way I know to do that is for enough people to contact the companies that fund the mainstream media and tell them that we will not purchase their products BECAUSE the support Fake and Biased news programs.

In 2014 the site was opened to others so that the members could send out their own petitions. To date, I have logged over 113,000 individual ads from over 2000 different products and companies.



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