Stop Funding Fake News!

Last Two Weeks

(06/03/24 to 06/16/24)

8 Sponsors
108 Companies
164 Products
570 Ads
16,185 Seconds 

In the Last Two Weeks

06/03/24 to 06/16/24

8 Sponsors...


108 Companies...

Ran ads for

164 Products


570 Ads

Or a total of:

16,185 seconds!

That means


of the News...

Was payed for by You,

the Consumers!

Total Sale Price

$64,740,000 *

*Assuming $60,000/15 Second ad



*Assuming $60,000/15 Second ad

Who is funding

Fake News?

We Are!

So Stop It!

If you Purchased any of the
164 Products

From any of the 108 Companies

You Funded Fake News.

Even if you didn't 

Watch the MSM!

Stop Funding Fake News!

Bud Light

them Instead!

It's Easy!

Don't buy their Products!

Boycott the companies

listed in Step 1.

See Below!

But More Important! 

Don't Be Silenced by the MSM!

Take Step 2:

Tell Them!

These Woke Companies

will never know...

why you stopped

purchasing their products...


Unless you tell them!

So Take Step 2: and let your voice be heard!

And Come Back!

Site Update near 06/17/24

Get up and do it again,  Amen! 

$64,740,000 in Revenues*

* Assuming $60,000 per 15 second ad

Step 1:  Boycott

Boycott Companies that Fund
Public Enemy #1! (The MSM)

The companies on this list fund the Mainstream Media with their advertising. If you purchase a product from one of these companies your money funds the mainstream media.

Stop Funding the Mainstream Media!

Click Here:

Complete Boycott Lists

(06/03/24 to 06/16/24)

Website updated every two weeks.

Step 2: Send Bulk Emails

Tell them why you are boycotting them!
They won’t figure it out!

These woke companies will never know why you stopped purchasing their products unless you tell them!

Step 2 is Emailing the companies and is more important than Step 1!

TAKE ACTION NOW!     (Takes less than 5 Min)

Step 2. Very Important!

Please don't skip this step!

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Bi-Weekly Update

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Watch “Why We Suck at Boycotts”

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Watch “The Plan to Defund the Media”

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The Plan!

The plan is simple, we are going to defund the media. Because they are dishonest and lying to the public every single day. Fake News Programs are making millions of dollars a week to lie to the American People. They can not lie without funding.

The plan has one step… Send out the bulk emails bi-weekly. The emails target the advertisers that support ABC, NBC, & CBS evening news programs. the fact is that if we purchase a product from one an advertiser that runs ads on Fake News programs, a small chunk of OUR money goes into funding fake news…   The emails politely ask the advertisers to move their ads to a different time slot.

Contacting all 100+ advertisers will take you less than 5 min….  Take Action Now!  Don’t worry, we are not boycotting these companies… yet…. All we are doing is letting them know that we are aware that their advertising dollars are being used to prop up fake and biased news, and that is important fact when we are considering the purchase of their products,