Why not CNN & MSNBC?

I get it, CNN & MSNBC are nasty, they practice Bias by Omission and Fake News all day long. Why are they not on the lists?

The reasons are two fold.

#1 is TIME. This site is maintained by one person, with limited time and no money to pay someone to collect the data for CNN & MSNBC. It takes approximately 4 hrs/week/program to collect the data and update the website for each 1/2 news segment that is monitored. These two stations would require 24 hr monitoring and recording.

#2 reason and much more important to me, is that CNN and MSNBC are cable stations and small potatoes when compared to the Broadcast big three. ABC, NBC, & CBS are BROADCAST news programs as compared to cable news programs.  The Broadcast news programs have far more viewers and thus they have a bigger impact.

Let me ask you this, if you were David, and facing Goliath with one shot… Which would you choose, Goliath or the little guy holding Goliath’s shield?

I have chosen Goliath, please join me!


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You see the Bias in the MEDIA. It makes you Mad As Hell!
You would like to do something about it.
But, Don’t know what to do about it, and don’t think it will work.
Even if Did know what to do, you don’t have the time!

You are not alone!

When you join Stop MEDIA Bias Now, you are joining an active community of like-minded people, all who want to Stop the Bias in the MEDIA. All feel that bias is destructive to the United States.

United we can make a stand!

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This site unites all those that see bias in the media but don't know what to do about it. We also give you simple easy to follow plan that will work, and takes less than 5 min/week to follow. By joining you will receive reminders to come back and send out new petitions when they become available.